Wildfire Update

In consultation with our local authorities, Sanctuary One has made the difficult decision to evacuate people and animals from our farm. We feel the risk of fire actually reaching the property remains fairly low; however, fire behavior can be unpredictable, and we feel that evacuating now will give us the opportunity to do so in a calm, orderly fashion. Many thanks go out to all our supporters, both in the community and across the country.

We have compiled a few things we’d like you to know in this difficult time:

  • All animals will be going to temporary shelters. Some will be going to individual households, and some will be going into the care of other agencies; a big tip of the hat to Equamore Foundation, where our horses will be kept, and Southern Oregon Humane Society, where our four dogs will live for a while!
  • Our needs for animal carriers and crates have been filled.
  • We sincerely appreciate all offers of assistance. The best way to help right now is to donate through the “Give” tab on our web page. Please do not visit the farm or drop off food or other items; staff will be busy with moving animals and buttoning the place up.
  • Please do not call the farm. We have one phone line, and really need to keep it open as we arrange foster care for around 70 animals. If you need to get in touch, please send an e–mail to info@sanctuaryone.org. We will answer as soon as possible.
  • Thanks to all who submitted applications to provide foster care. We are screening those today, and will be in touch where appropriate.

Again, a big thanks to all our friends and neighbors. We are humbled by the support we have received.


  1. I have applied to house a few rabbits during the fire evacuation. I would like to include I have a garage for them as well. If that is what you prefer. I have experience with rabbits. We used to raise them when I was younger. I have ample shade including using a tarp on tje rop and a sprinkler I can put over their coveredtop to keep them cool.

    • Thanks for additional information, Diane.

  2. We have 40 acres pasture and corrals email if u need to place animals temporarily

    We have no animal on the property at this time

    • Hi Brian, we’re gathering all our foster options via a questionnaire you can complete online. Please take a minute to do that, and we’ll be in touch as needed. Thanks for thinking of us.

  3. I’m so sorry you have to evacuate. I have 3 open fenced acres in Grants Pass that would be suitable for larger animals. Not fenced for little guys. Please let me know if I can help.

    • Hi Rebecca, we are collecting information via a questionnaire — please complete that for us and we’ll be in touch as needed! Thanks for thinking of us.

  4. I am so sorry! I have been off-line for 2 days & just found out. You are in our prayers! God bless & be with you all!

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