Q?What is Sanctuary One’s food policy?

Our Food Policy is based on our work. Sanctuary One is a care farm dedicated to rescuing domestic and farm animals, facilitating health and wellness for people, and promoting environmental stewardship. Our motto is “People, animals, and the earth: better together.” Our guiding principles also describe how Sanctuary One should show compassion to all living creatures.

Golden Rule: To treat all living things as we wish to be treated.

Kindness: To demonstrate compassion and respect for all living creatures.

It goes against our guiding principles to support industries that raise and slaughter animals for food. These animals often live in inhumane and torturous conditions.

Given the above statements, all food served at Sanctuary One staff meetings and employee events, food that employees are reimbursed for while traveling, and employee food choices when meeting with donors, should be vegetarian, preferably plant-based. Food served at any other Sanctuary One events should be plant-based and whenever feasible, organic.

On site, Sanctuary One has a vegetarian food policy for all guests, including interns, volunteers, and visiting students.

While not all Sanctuary One staff or volunteers follow plant-based or vegetarian diets, Sanctuary One is an organization dedicated to animals and their well-being. Sanctuary One staff are expected to respect and follow this policy when using donor money. It is important that Sanctuary One employees always represent the values of the organization.

Q?I am interested in adopting an animal from you. What is his/her age?

Nearly all of Sanctuary One’s animals have come here from other shelters or rescues, or directly from a law-enforcement action. In most cases, the animals were in a shelter or rescue because they were found as strays. Because of this, we often do not know an animal’s age. We often can estimate age based on available records and physical examination, but please understand that in most cases we simply do not know exact ages.

Q?Will you take in my animal or help me find a home for it?

Sanctuary One is unable to accept animals from private homes. We specialize in rescuing animals transferred from overcrowded animal shelters, qualified non-profit rescue groups, and law-enforcement agencies. If you live in Southern Oregon and need help re-homing an animal, the following agencies may be able to assist you:

Committed Alliance To Strays
Josephine County Animal Shelter
Southern Oregon Humane Society
Rogue Valley Humane Society
Jackson County Animal Shelter
Equamore Foundation

Q?I have a feral cat on my property, what should I do?

Contact Spay and Neuter Your Pet (SNYP) for information and advice.

Q?I found injured wildlife, can I bring it to you?

Sanctuary One is not legally authorized to care for injured deer, birds or other wildlife. Please contact Wildlife Images or the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife for assistance.

Q?Where can I report animal abuse or an animal in need of rescue?

If you witness a case of animal abuse, call your local police or sheriff’s department immediately. If there is an animal shelter or humane society in your community, contact them, too.

Q?How are you funded?

Sanctuary One is a nonprofit organization funded by individual donors, grants, fundraising activities, and revenue from animal adoptions and educational tours. We receive no government funding.

Q?Are donations tax deductible?

Yes. Sanctuary One is a recognized United States non-profit under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service code. All donations are tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by law. Since individual situations vary, you will need to consult with your tax advisor on particular donations. Our tax ID number is 20-8982518. Learn more about how you can support the Sanctuary.

Q?What are donated funds used for?

There are many expenses involved in running a non-profit care farm. Donations help us pay for staff, animal food and veterinary care, gardening supplies and equipment, and many of the other crititical expenses for maintaining a farm.

Q?What is FIV?

Similar to HIV in humans, FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus) causes weakening of a cat’s immune system and is most commonly transmitted through a deep bite wound from an FIV+ cat to another cat. With proper care, FIV+ cats can lead a normal life. Sanctuary One currently cares for up to five FIV+ cats in our William Driscoll and Alicia Theophil FIV Cat Cottage. Learn more about FIV.

Q?How do I start a care farm?

Starting a care farm requires a lot of work and research. The best place to start is with a visit to Sanctuary One. We offer bi-weekly tours April through October.

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