This is our 8th annual Volunteer Week!!

While we always have volunteer opportunities throughout the year, Volunteer Week is a time to celebrate the amazing community Sanctuary One is a part of in the Rogue Valley.

We are excited to begin planning our 8th annual Volunteer Week. Our scenic 55 acre property allows for plenty of distance between volunteers in an outdoor setting, allowing for a safe and fulfilling team experience!

Through service, we come together to tackle tough challenges, create change, and build stronger, more vibrant communities. Our motto is People, Animals, and the Earth: Better Together. Through our myriad of volunteers and service learning folks, we know that service unites people, of all walks of life. We celebrate our generous Rogue Valley neighbors in all that they’ve done together to create and sustain Sanctuary One.

It takes a lot of work to keep our care farm running. We need you!

We encourage volunteer teams to join us for one or more days during the week of April 14-20. We will have major projects to tackle on the farm each day from 10am to 2:30pm, with lunch served.

In helping Sanctuary One, you not only help animals we’ve rescued and are preparing for their forever homes, you’re helping a multitude of other nonprofits Sanctuary One serves, like veteran groups, children’s groups, and more.

Join us for lunch, get an event t-shirt, make a difference in our community, and build meaningful memories with your team!

Pre-registration is required.




To sign up you or your team click here.

Learn more about becoming a Sponsor by checking out our Volunteer Week Sponsor Packet. You can also email for more information.


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