Sanctuary One Offers First American Sign Language Tour, KDRV News, June 10

Bernie the Goat Gets New Lease on Life at Sanctuary One , Rogue Valley Times, March 20

Sanctuary One Seeks Volunteers to Aid Animals and Humans, March 5


Forest service, animal sanctuary rescue eight abandoned kittens in Jacksonville, KTVL, November 7

Southern Oregon Responds: Sanctuary One, Southern Oregon PBS, June 10

Volunteering good for mental, physical health, Medford Mail Tribune, April 11

Pear Blossom returns … goats and all, Medford Mail Tribune, April 7


Geocachers help Sanctuary One while also learning about local businesses, Medford Mail Tribune, Nov 6

Literary Gardener podcast: Celebrating Women’s Work with plants, featuring Sanctuary One’s Elva Manquera-DeShields, Medford Mail Tribune, Oct 29

ODF, U.S. Forest Service working to contain Thursday’s lightning-started fires, KOBI-TV, July 30

Lightning sparks a dozen Southern Oregon fires, Medford Mail Tribune, July 30

Sanctuary One brings therapy goats to visit hospice residents in Medford, KOBI-TV, June 22

Lifelong Commitment, Medford Mail Tribune, April 2.


You to the Rescue, EatingWell, December.

Tank of Gas Getaway 2020 Sanctuary One, KOBI-TV, August 14.

Happy as a Pig in Mud, Medford Sneak Preview, August.

New Ambassador Animals Added to Sanctuary One as Facility Prepares to Reopen, Medford Mail Tribune, June 9.

Sanctuary One Introduces Three New Ambassador Goats for Farm Tours, KOBI-TV, June 4.

We’ll Miss You, Lulu!, Ashland Sneak Preview, June.

Sanctuary One’s Beloved Ambassador Pig Lulu Dies, Medford Mail Tribune, May 13.

Sanctuary One and “Bring the Farm to You” Online Lessons, KOBI-TV, March 28.

Sanctuary One Boosts Digital Presence, Medford Mail Tribune, March 27.

A Call-Out for Children’s Books, Medford Mail Tribune, January 2.


Animal Rescue Farm in the Applegate Could Use Hay Donations, Medford Mail Tribune, November 7.

Cats with Immune Condition Can Be Adopted, Medford Mail Tribune, July 8.

People, Animals and the Earth Better Together, Jacksonville Review, June.

No Animal Left Behind, Medford Mail Tribune, May 16.


Pennies for a purpose, KDRV-TV, May 31.

Sanctuary One’s 10th Anniversary, Southern Oregon Magazine, Spring 2018.

Free yoga events at Sanctuary One, KOBI-TV, May 20.

Nacho finds a home, Medford Mail Tribune, January 6.


Nearly two weeks after evacuations, Sanctuary One animals begin to return, KTVL-TV, September 15.

Animals Matter (radio interview with Executive Director Megan Flowers), KSKQ Radio, September.

Sanctuary One evacuates as fire draws closer, Medford Mail Tribune, August 31.

Sanctuary One evacuating animals due to Miller Complex Fires, KTVL-TV, August 30.

Animal care farm evacuating ahead of Miller Complex , KOBI-TV, August 30.

5 Animal Rescues Adopt Vegan Food Policies, Veg News, June 16.

Sanctuary One launches volunteer week, Medford Mail Tribune, April 3.

Animal Therapy Helps Local Teens, KDRV-TV, March 15.

Five-on-5 features Sanctuary One Executive Director, KOBI-TV, February 28.


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Sanctuary One Gets a New Executive Director, Ashland Sneak Preview, December 1.

Cats with immune virus get own shelter, Grants Pass Daily Courier, April 26.

Specialized shelter for cats with immune system virus opens at Sanctuary One, Medford Mail Tribune, April 19.

Lisa the pig, an icon at Sanctuary One, dies, Medford Mail Tribune, March 12.

Creating Magic in the Applegate, Ashland Living Magazine, February.

Sanctuary One Announces Exciting Expansions in 2015, Westi Haughey, Jacksonville Review, February.

Animal Farm as Written by Gandhi, Howard Hunt, Spirituality & Health, January/February.


The Family that Mucks Together Sticks Together: Volunteering as a Family at Sanctuary One, Westi Haughey, Jacksonville Review, November.

Volunteer & Learning Opportunities at Sanctuary One, Della Merrill, Jacksonville Review, September.

A Farm Like No Other, Jefferson Monthly, July 31.

Not Down on this Farm: Students Return Happy After Tending Animals, Ryan Pfeil, Medford Mail Tribune, March 4.

Bunny Barn, Ryan Pfeil, Mail Tribune, February 3.


Catstravaganza, Sanne Specht, Medford Mail Tribune, November 9.

Care Farm Gets Boost from Late Surgeon’s Bequest, Sanne Specht, Mail
Tribune, October 7.

We’ve Got Your Goat, Sanne Specht, Mail Tribune, September 6.

Wayward sheep captured, Mark Freeman, Medford Mail Tribune, July 10.

WWOOFing, Robert Casserly, Jacksonville Review, July.

Sanctuary One comes clean, Becky Owston, Jacksonville Review, June.

A sanctuary for animals, a farm experience for people, Jeff Duewel, Daily Courier, May 9.

Passing the days with some intelligent porkers , Sanne Specht, Medford Mail Tribune, May 5.

Sanctuary One boss immerses himself in lives of swine , Sanne Specht, Medford Mail Tribune, May 2.

Tour the Farm at Sanctuary One!, Jacksonville Review, March 26.

Learning life lessons down on the farm, Sanne Specht, Medford Mail Tribune, March 17.

A student ‘Sanctuary’ outdoors, Sanne Specht, Medford Mail Tribune, March 13.

Celebrating five years of service, Robert Casserly, Jacksonville Review, March.

The great pig beer festival, Katherine Dunn, Apifera Farm, February 16.

Green Valentine’s Day gift ideas 2013, Huffington Post, February 13.

Meshach recovers as burn case stays open, Medford Mail Tribune, February 4.

That’s my dog, Sanne Specht, Medford Mail Tribune, February 1.

Sanctuary One at Double Oak Farm, Westi Haughey, Jacksonville Review, February.

Facebook tips for nonprofits, Network for Good, January 22.

Visiting Meshach, Whitney Clark, KYVL-TV 10, January 10.

Sanctuary One: Garden comes of age, Della Merrill, Applegater, Winter.


The walking goat soul, Katherine Dunn, The Huffington Post, December 5.

Care farming: what we’ve learned, Robert Casserly, Jacksonville Review, December.

Five on 5, KOBI-TV 5, November 20.

Pooch finds a forever home, KTVL-TV 10, November 8.

Nature’s medicine chest, Dr. Jeffrey Judkins, Jacksonville Review, October.

Sanctuary One: a volunteer’s story, Della Merrill, Applegater, Fall.

Champ is ready for a home, KTVL-TV 10, August 27.

Champ is in demand, KTVL-TV 10, July 27.

The continuing tale of a pig and a goat, Katherine Dunn, Jacksonville Review, July 20.

Cheers and jeers, Medford Mail Tribune, July 20.

Alleged dog shooter facing felony charge, Chris Conrad, Medford Mail Tribune, July 19.

Dog survives near fatal gunshot to face, Laura Cavanaugh, KOBI-TV 5, July 14.

A Champ at recovering, Chris Conrad, Medford Mail Tribune, July 13.

Come one, come all, for Pino’s Pie Party, Jessica Prokop, Yamhill Valley News-Register, June 13.

Teach your teachers well, Robert Casserly, Jacksonville Review, June.

May is a must, Harry Fuller, Towheeblog, May 10.

Rogue Valley bachelors step out to support Sanctuary One, Laura Cavanaugh, KOBI-TV 5, May 3.

The mission continues, Robert Casserly, Jacksonville Review, May.

Folks, this is normal!, Della Merrill, Applegater, Spring.

Cat abuse charges dropped against teenager, Ryan Pfeil, Medford Mail Tribune, April 27.

Ashland winery donates to pet charities, Janet Eastman, Ashland Daily Tidings, April 19.

Care farming, Jeff Golden, Immense Possibilities, April 10.

Stray cat finds permanent home after surviving intentional burning, Jocelyn Heaney, TakePart.com Paw & Order blog, April 3.

Marnie, StubbyDog.org’s rescue dog of the week, March 29.

Meshach adopted by Talent woman, KOBI-TV 5, March 29.

All he needs is love, Sanne Specht, Medford Mail Tribune, March 29.

Hero piglet escapes hog farm, Jocelyn Heaney, TakePart.com Paw & Order blog, March 22.

Jigsaw escapes hog farm, Laura Simpson, Care2.com animal welfare blog, March 20.

Working together works, Robert Casserly, Paw Prints (Rogue Valley Humane Society), Spring.

How to prevent animal abuse, Robert Casserly, Ashland Daily Tidings, March 14.

Farming for health, Robert Casserly, Jacksonville Review, March.

Police arrest teen suspect in Meshach burned cat case , Ryan Pfeil, Medford Mail Tribune, February 11.

Teen charged with animal abuse for burning cat , Ryan Pfeil, Ashland Daily Tidings, February 10.

Suspect arrested for Meshach?s injuries, Andrea Carlson, Jackson County sherrif’s office, February 10.

Sanctuary One goes to the dogs, Ashland Sneak Preview, February.

Birding the Sanctuary, Harry Fuller, Towheeblog, February 2.

Volunteers are the heartbeat of Sanctuary One, Della Merrill, Applegater, Winter.

How to prevent animal abuse, Robert Casserly, Jacksonville Review, February.

Burned, abused cat continues recovery at Applegate farm, Sanne Specht, Medford Mail Tribune, January 28.

Award doubles in cat cruelty case, Ryan Pfeil, Medford Mail Tribune, January 18.

Guest opinion: Farming for health, Robert Casserly, Ashland Daily Tidings, January 15.

Farming for health in the Applegate Valley, Robert Casserly, RIPPLE Northwest, January 13.

Jackson County Sheriff’s office investigating cat’s injuries, Ryan Pfeil, Medford Mail Tribune, January 5.

Day 272: Lisa and Lulu from Sanctuary One, Karen Amarotico, A Pie A Day, January 3.


Meshach fights for recovery, Ryan Pfeil, Medford Mail Tribune, December 24.

Take Me Home, Susan Daffron, PetLifeRadio.com, November 14.

Your pets need a plan, too, Robert Casserly, Jacksonville Review, November.

Sanctuary One at Double Oak Farm, Della Merrill, Jacksonville Review, October.

Rogue finds love, Della Merrill, Joy Magazine, September 21.

Sanctuary One at Double Oak Farm, Robert Casserly, Jacksonville Review, September.

Practicing natural horsemanship, Della Merrill, Applegater, Summer.

Dana Feagin, animal portrait artist with a heart of gold for our furry friends, Horse & Man, August 7.

A fruit orchard for rescued farm animals, The PetWork, August 3.

Healing hearts both old and young, Katherine Dunn, The Huffington Post, August 3.

Sanctuary One at Double Oak Farm, Robert Casserly, Jacksonville Review, August.

Fishing trip for a pig, Katherine Dunn, Apifera Farm blog, July 19.

Sanctuary One at Double Oak Farm, Robert Casserly, Jacksonville Review, July.

For two life-saving cows, a happy retirement, Leanne Cronquist, Sanctuary Tails, June 30.

Sanctuary One at Double Oak Farm, Robert Casserly, Jacksonville Review, June.

Caption Contest: Llama drama, Medford Mail Tribune, May 27.

Kids, cow manure and llama kisses, Sanne Specht, Medford Mail Tribune, May 3.

This is full-circle learning, Sanne Specht, Medford Mail Tribune, May 3.

Sanctuary One at Double Oak Farm, Robert Casserly, Jacksonville Review, May.

Compost happens, Della Merrill, Applegater, Spring.

Documentary features pig rescued by Whatcom Humane Society, Isabelle Dills, The Bellingham Herald, March.

Sanctuary One at Double Oak Farm, Robert Casserly, The Jacksonville Review, March.

Sanctuary One at Double Oak Farm, Robert Casserly, The Jacksonville Review, February.

We got your goat!, Robert Casserly, Applegater, Winter.


Sanctuary One at Double Oak Farm, Robert Casserly, The Jacksonville Review, December.

Sanctuary One at Double Oak Farm, Robert Casserly, The Jacksonville Review, November.

Sanctuary One at Double Oak Farm, Robert Casserly, The Jacksonville Review, October.

Meet your local care farmers, Robert Casserly, Applegater, Fall.

Walking tall, Ruthanne Johnson, All Animals, July/August.

Readers worldwide rally to save Lisa’s bacon, Sanne Specht, Medford Mail Tribune, June 13.

This (not so little) piggy went wee, wee, wee to hernew home, Sanne Specht, Medford Mail Tribune, May 18.

A down-to-earth education, Robert Casserly, Medford Sneak Preview, March.


Farming for health, Robert Casserly, Medford Sneak Preview, December.

Home is where the animals are, Claire Krulikowski, Joy Magazine, September 16.

Retreat focuses on women veterans, Paul Fattig, Mail Tribune, January 30.

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