I think about Sanctuary One all the time. I dream of returning if the right opportunity were to arise. When I explain it to people I tell them that it’s my heaven and I really mean it. My time there with you and others was the chapter of my adult life that I will recall the most fondly, passionately, and vividly.  I wouldn’t be who I am today in terms of my values, worldview, and dreams without S1 and the incredible love, support and guidance.

Caroline, Intern

My experience at Sanctuary One was incredibly transformative. I feel healed and inspired. Thank you so much for having me.

Lauren, Tour Participant

As a recent transplant to southern Oregon, my primary goal was to find someplace locally where I could “settle in,” meet like-minded people and begin making a positive impact in my new community. I couldn’t have found a more perfect place than Sanctuary One. The benefits are countless. Of course, there’s the simple joy that comes with giving — contributing to the happiness and well being of these rescued animals, and connecting with the folks who care for them. And as a dog walker here, I’m continuously rewarded by the sight of goofy drooling faces and madly wagging tails. What could be better than that? Not to mention the health benefits of working here: fresh air, lots of vitamin D and the opportunity to walk nearly nonstop for a few hours with exuberant four-footed companions. No gym membership required!

Becky, Volunteer

Thank you so much for the great experience! Although my stay was short I learned a lot. I greatly appreciate your welcoming arms, helping hands and warm hearts. Also, thanks for your patience! This place is truly a special one because of the care and devotion you put into it. I will always remember the time I spent with you, the animals and the land.

Mary Anne, Intern

Thank you so much for allowing us to see, experience, and serve your amazing farm. We’re inspired!

Joe, Work Group Volunteer

Thank you so much for the experience! Your Sanctuary is ideal and life-changing.

Lorja, Tour Participant

Thank you so much for giving us a tour of Sanctuary One yesterday. We were prepared to love it and certainly did! Warmest congratulations and gratitude to each of you for the marvelous and much-needed work you are doing there.

Sheryl & Ed, Tour Participants

Thank you for the opportunity to come and intern at Sanctuary One. It has been wonderful living here and getting to know you all—you are an awesome group of people and animals. I’ve loved connecting with the animals and being in the outdoors of Oregon’s Applegate Valley! I appreciate this experience and hope to work with animals in the future.

Chloe, Intern

I’m going to start a care farm just like Sanctuary One because you inspire me so much!

Emily, Work Group Volunteer

Your organization is absolutely magical. Thank you so much for working with us. We adore you.

Renee, Work Group Volunteer

I want to thank you for the opportunity for me to help at Sanctuary One. Going there has showed me to care about the animals and not just myself because it is hard for me to open up about my feelings. I also have the connection that the animals and I are similar because we have both been hurt by others and then find someone or some place that cares for you. I want to thank you for letting me help there.

Anonymous, Work Group Volunteer

Thanks so much for having us and letting us hang with your animals. I love what you’re doing—it’s truly amazing.

Hillary, Tour Participant

Sanctuary One has filled such a void for us and the boys here at the program. This population needs contact with animals, earth and serenity. Our time at the Sanctuary is very special, full of little magical moments and such unity among the group. The level of kindness goes way up while there, as well as returning to the program. I notice some of the higher energy kids calming down and having much more relaxed interactions with others. Overall, I feel the experiences at Sanctuary One are priceless in the recovery of our clients at Lithia.

Pokey, Lithia Springs Boys Residential Program
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