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Meet Tobias Whitley! He is an amazing 13 year old Sanctuary One volunteer who regularly dedicates his time to caring for the animals on the farm. He and his grandmother Julie have built a very special relationship with our sweet poodle Gabe. 

Learn about his experience in his own words:

My name is Tobias Whitley. I am thirteen years old and have been a volunteer at Sanctuary One since May 2015. After a tour of the farm with my grandmother, I decided to do the volunteer training and come out on a regular schedule. My favorite thing to do is walk the dogs. When I first started volunteering, there were about five or six dogs to walk and they all had their own personalities. I also like to socialize with the cats.

It makes me feel good to give them the attention they need. The dogs and cats are always happy to see a volunteer, and I really love it when there’s a note posted on the whiteboard that a cat has been adopted. I also like to muck the barnyard. I know that sounds weird, but it feels good to work hard at the farm and be a part of the “farm family.” I have also helped out at special events like adoption days and Earth Day.

I am proud to spread the word to the community about Sanctuary One. It’s an awesome place to work and play!

Julie, Tobias’ grandma and Gabe

You can volunteer too! Orientations are held once a month. Submit your application today!


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