Terri, the Sanctuary One Lorax


Spring has arrived and our long time volunteer, Terri, has taken to the trees! Why you ask? Terri has been caring for the sanctuary fruit and ornamental trees on the farm for the past five years! She is our very own Sanctuary One Lorax!


All throughout the late winter, Terri has been working extremely hard to prune all of the trees on the property and we know we’ll have a plentiful harvest from our food forest, permaculture and learning gardens thanks to her dedication and willingness to go the extra mile TWICE each week while volunteering with us.


Terri, we congratulate you on your five year anniversary as a Sanctuary One volunteer! Your laughter, enthusiasm and go-getter attitude is contagious and we’re so very lucky to have you on the farm, spreading the love and empowering us all. You’re always there to lift us up and support us through changes. We can’t imagine the farm family without you! Thank you Terri!








PS – Terri is an adopter too!!

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