2017: The year of fire and ice.

When I wrote in spring, “2017 is an exciting year at Sanctuary One,” I could never have predicted all of the surprises that would unfold throughout the year. We started with heavy snow and ice, downed tree limbs, and lost power due to our region’s 100-year snow storm. Staff who could make it near the farm with their cars had to hike in to care for the animals. In summer, medical costs soared as we battled foxtails that took over our dog yard, emergency eye surgery for a kitten we rescued from a severe hoarding case, all while continuing to ensure that our senior animals received the extra care they deserve. Just as our summer tour season got into full swing, wildfires raged and came within 2,000 feet of our property causing our first (and hopefully last) evacuation in our 10-year history of nearly 60 farm animals. As the season wrapped up, we had to cancel our annual Open Farm Day (which had the highest pre-registration in the event’s history) due to an infectious virus in our herd – the good news is we fully expect our animals will all make a full recovery!

While 2017 had its share of unexpected hiccups, we also had some exciting firsts to share! We launched a successful Volunteer Week in April with over 150 new volunteers coming to help out on the farm. For the first time we donated fresh produce from our learning garden to ACCESS, a local agency that runs 27 food banks. We were able to assist with two major cat hoarding cases and several alpaca neglect cases. Fourteen chickens, rescued from the egg laying industry, and two calves rescued from becoming veal, now call Sanctuary One home until they find their forever families. On top of all this we’ve already surpassed our 2016 adoption numbers, with 75 successful adoptions so far and more on the way.

Sanctuary One and our animals need your help. With your gift you are helping us survive fire and ice. You’re providing the best medical care possible for our rescued friends. You’re providing organic produce to food banks and those most in need in our community. You’re educating youth on the value of caring for our animals and planet – ensuring they understand the power of their actions. One local service learning student told us that “Sanctuary One makes you feel like you were born to make a change.”

Mother Nature made sure 2017 was exciting; you can ensure 2018 is a success.

-Megan Flowers, Executive Director

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  1. Congratulations on all the successful rescues and adoptionsand for making it through the winter snow and the fall wildfire with evacuation of all the animals. The successful volunteer program is a wonderful accomplishment. Much appreciated very hard work on the part of the staff!

    Wishing you and the Sanctuary Staff a rewarding New Year!

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