Animal Spotlight: Tweety

Animals who come to the care farm rest easy knowing they always have a place to call home. Those who are waiting to be adopted live happily at Sanctuary One for the rest of their natural life if they never find a suitable adopter. We are honored to provide veterinary care, feed, and a loving place to call home for many senior animals as they await adoption into their forever homes or relax into their home on the care farm, unafraid of looming deadlines or being deprioritized just for being elderly. One lucky senior resident was Tweety the cat, who recently found her perfect adopter! 

Tweety came to Sanctuary One after her owner moved into assisted living care and could no longer care for her. At 15 years young, and with one eye (how she was born), she had only lived with one person. Transferred to Sanctuary One from the county shelter, Tweety was highly stressed, and while at the care farm was diagnosed with lymphoma. We were determined to give Tweety the best, and least stressful, life possible. When her adopter arrived, we knew it was a great fit. We sat down with her to learn more about their story and how Tweety is settling in: 

With one very well behaved cat, as well as plenty of space in our home and our hearts, we went looking for a second kitty to welcome into our family.  Initially, like many folks, we were looking into adopting a younger cat, until we saw Tweety. Soon we learned about the benefits of adopting senior animals and their too common fates. Often, senior animals face challenges in shelters and can take longer to adopt due to their age and limitations.  

Under our love and care, we have seen this old gal blossom and it has been such a treat to see her small improvements every day as she settles more comfortably into her new forever home.  Adopting her has definitely added that additional love into our lives, we feel the same a kitten would have, but with a calmness and steady understanding of home life only an older cat has… These days, nothing makes her happier than lounging and being in the company of others, with plenty of pets, of course!

We definitely encourage other people to look into not forgetting about the older animals that are at a rescue, when considering adoption.  They need love, and have love to give… just as much as the younger ones do!

Animals who come to Sanctuary One, live a life knowing the kindness of many people. They take part in healing relationships with other animals and people alike. We are grateful for all the special people who welcome animals of all ages into their families and take part in these healing relationships. 

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