Why Volunteer As A Family?

At Sanctuary One we thrive because of our volunteers. Volunteering has many benefits for you and the community, but did you know that there are even more benefits when you volunteer with family?

-Sometimes it seems impossible in today’s fast paced and tech incorporated world to find time for family to be together. Family members may all be in the same room, but if everyone is using a different device they miss out on important conversations and interactions that they could be having together. Working side by side creates many opportunities for you and your family members to problem solve, laugh and make a difference in your community together as a team. These interactions help to strengthen family bonds and deepen relationships.

-Working together on a volunteer project helps family members to see each other in a different light. Kids don’t always get to see how hard their parents work in their jobs and parents don’t always get to see how hard their children are working in school but when volunteering as a family, children and parents have the opportunity to witness the skills and knowledge possessed by each individual.

-Volunteering as a family is a great way to bridge the gap between age groups, interests and personalities! Everyone is on the same page and is working hard towards a common cause or for the people they care about. When families work as a team while they’re volunteering it’s even easier to work as a team at home.

Here at Sanctuary One we have Alicia and Tanya, who are an amazing mother daughter team! They volunteer together at Sanctuary One every week. We often see them chatting and laughing together as they walk the dogs or clean the animal cottages. Part of our mission is that Sanctuary One is a place where people, animals, and the earth can connect. We love that Alicia and Tanya have an opportunity to not only connect with our Sanctuary One animal friends, and our gardens, but they also have an opportunity to connect to each other.

Sanctuary One holds monthly volunteer orientations. To learn more about becoming a Sanctuary One volunteer click here.

You can read more about the joys of volunteering as a family here and here.

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