Life is better with cats!

The care farm has been busy this winter steadily making improvements and preparing for tour season, and that includes a very special project in our cat cottage. We are so excited to reveal the recent remodel!



With the help of our wonderful volunteers and supporters, we’ve upgraded and refreshed everything from paint to toys and places to play, with improved sanitation, as well as upgraded furniture for our volunteers, so they can sit comfortably and spend even more time with the cats. 


Not only will the improvement to space offer our cats a greater sense of comfort, helping them ease into the home environment, it can also make a big difference for our human visitors. Many visitors to the care farm have had experiences with clinical settings that may be associated with trauma or hard times. This remodel will help the cat cottage feel less clinical and more like a home, offering a true sanctuary space for people and cats alike to heal. It’s all thanks to supporters and volunteers that this mission healing people, animals, and the Earth can continue, we are so grateful for the support that elevates and sustains this work!



You can take part in the Cat Cottage Remodel, by helping us refill the pantry! As we welcome more cats into our remodeled space, we’ll have lots of mouths of feed.  Check out our Chewy and Amazon  wishlists to help our cats with their vet-approved diet of Friskies Pate, toys, and more (please let us know of your donation via email so we can thank you!).


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