Lucky 13 Find their Forever Home

At Sanctuary One, we are grateful for the diverse individuals and families that open their hearts and homes to rescued animals. We take great care to ensure every animal adopted goes to a loving home where they will be well cared for. This March we were thrilled to find exactly this kind of adopter when one generous family welcomed 13 Sanctuary One animals to their beautiful home in Bend, OR! Congratulations to Aruba, Coaltrane, Mcgivar & Kavier the alpacas, Donner & Blixem the goats, Aspen, Elm, Birch, Orton, Drake & Lover Boy the ducks, and GiGi the charismatic goose on finding their perfect forever home with this exceptional family.

We caught up with Karen and her family, the compassionate adopters, after their first month with their new companions, “they have all settled in and seem to be happy here and we just LOVE having them all. They bring us so much joy and, of course, there is never a dull moment. They all make us smile and laugh in their own individual ways.” As we offer animals care, love and healing, they offer so much in return. Sanctuary One is all about reciprocal healing relationships between people, animals, and the Earth.

Including this record breaking adoption, 38 animals have already been adopted from Sanctuary One in 2021! Because of our kindhearted volunteers, Care Family members who provide sustained support for this work, and caring people who open their hearts to rescued animals, we are maintaining the momentum of a monumental year. In 2020, 74 animals were adopted from the care farm. The more animals we can find loving homes for, the more animals in need we can rescue!

Karen and her family are one of many who have taken part in a wonderful adoption experience, she shared that “Sanctuary One’s main priority at all times is the comfort and happiness of the animals they care for and find homes for, and the team are all obviously 100% dedicated to their mission. Thanks to them, we now have wonderful additions to our family and are excited to hear about the next set of animals that Sanctuary One can now rescue in their place!” On behalf of all of us at the care farm thank you to Karen, and all of the dedicated and compassionate people who offer their time, attention, and hearts to rescued animals! 

You can directly help animals at the care farm by supporting them through our Chewy or Amazon wishlists. From helping us stock our vet approved diet for cats, to toys for the dogs and treats for the goats, there are so many ways to support this important work. Thanks for being a part of it! 

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