Wildfire Evacuation: Help Needed


For the first time in ten years, Sanctuary One is currently under Level 1 wildfire evacuation warning for the Miller Complex Fires, here in the Applegate Valley. This means we’re in the “get ready” stage. If we were to reach Level 2, a voluntary evacuation level, we’d need to remove all large and small animals from the farm in a quick and timely manner.

If you are able to help, below are the ways that we could use your assistance.




If you or someone you know has been looking to add a furry family member, now is the perfect time. There’s no time like the present to expand your family circle! When we have an animal adopted into his or her forever home, we’ll have one less animal to evacuate from a wildfire. We are still following our usual adoptions process, including the adoption application. Visit our current list of available animals. Once you find the animal that piques your interest, submit an adoption application and contact us to schedule an appointment to meet the animal(s) you are interested in adopting. We’ll take it from there!



Thanks to the overwhelming amount of in-kind donations over the past few days, we currently have enough carriers (for evacuations) and air purifiers (as staff and small animals deal with the heavy wildfire smoke in the area). However, by providing a financial donation, you will allow us to ensure that we can purchase the supplies that we need, when we need them.


Emergency Transportation

Thanks to Southern Oregon Emergency Aid the majority of our transportation needs are met. However, if you have experience loading and transporting big pigs please email info@sanctuaryone.org.


Emergency Fosters

Sanctuary One is looking for potential emergency foster homes for all of our animals in case of evacuation from the property. We will need to evacuate all animals: alpacas, roosters, ducks, pigs, goats, sheep, rabbits, dogs, and cats, including FIV+ cats. Our four horses will be cared for in partnership with a sister nonprofit in the Rogue Valley, Equamore .

We are especially looking for families who have no other cats, who could foster our feline friends.

Please read the requirements to be an emergency foster, and let us know if you can help:

  • Preferably within 1 hour drive of the Sanctuary
  • Be easily reachable by phone
  • Have basic knowledge and experience with the animal species you are fostering
  • Have a safe, secure enclosure for the animals
  • Sanctuary animals must be kept separated from all other animals
  • Be able to commit to 2 weeks, other arrangements can be made if for some reason the animals would need to be fostered longer

UPDATE: ALL ANIMALS HAVE BEEN PLACED INTO FOSTER CARE AS OF SEPT 1st. We no longer need fosters at this time.


Thank you for supporting Sanctuary One and our animals! We could not do this without you.

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