Community Support Spotlight: Robert Casebeer

November is a time when we reflect upon and celebrate what we are grateful for at the care farm. It takes a village, and we are thankful for the caring individuals who demonstrate that we each have a role to play in the continued success of the care farm. We’d like to take this opportunity to recognize a very special member of the Sanctuary One community, Robert Casebeer.

Robert is a local community member who has found his unique niche of giving. A resident of the Rogue Valley since the early 1960’s, Robert’s property is home to many established oak trees. Despite being in his 80’s and using a walker, he personally gathered over 500lbs of acorns this year,  in addition to his excess produce, to donate as feed for the animals at Sanctuary One.

“Last year I picked up 7 buckets, this year I picked up 13 five gallon buckets of acorns from my acre and a half property here in Talent. I know they [the pigs at Sanctuary One] will love them.”

Robert knows that the earth, animals, and people are all connected and that includes his story. Instead of letting his windfall go to waste, he takes action to help others in his community. We are so grateful for his kindness, generosity, and dedication, and we know the animals are too.

From donations of animal feed, to volunteering your time or special services, to joining the care family, we all have unique ways that we can be of service. Your unique gift helps animals, people, and the earth overcome trauma by transforming it through healing and compassion.

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