Community Support Spotlight: Jimmy’s Fund

The Legacy of a Rescue Dog Offers Healing to Those Still in Shelters


We all have a role to play in this work healing people, animals, and the Earth. From volunteers, to adopters, to donors, the care farm thrives because of a diverse community of support. Last month, we were deeply moved by an amazing supporter, who was inspired by her rescue dog to take action for animals in need.


Christine and her family adopted their dog Jimmy, from a shelter in Wyoming where he had been returned for being “too big”. Christine felt this was “their loss because he was a great dog. He was a black lab/pitbull and weighed over 100lbs, but he was a teddy bear. He went everywhere we went and had his own plate of food & gifts to open when holidays came around.  He loved & tolerated all the animals we brought home from dogs to cats to even ferrets (which he thought smelled funny). His favorite thing was fresh new tennis balls…He was very special to us and so that is why we wanted to help other rescue animals.” Jimmy passed, a content old man at 13 years young, in 2018. Ever since, Christine and her family have been saving up their bottle and can deposits to donate to local shelters to help rescued dogs in Jimmy’s honor.


Building on their success, the family asked friends and neighbors to join in, “we wanted to see if the community wanted to be a part of this journey in October of 2020. It was such a huge success, that we are still collecting to this day! Since October of last year, with the community’s help, we’ve donated to help 20 animals (10 cat & 10 dogs)” at shelters across the Rogue Valley. Animals at Sanctuary One, SO Humane, and beyond have all been beneficiaries of the family’s generosity, which is now focused on helping to provide medical care (an urgent need for most shelters), “we wanted to start saving the funds for shelters/rescues vet bills & supplies. Time to help the heroes behind the scenes for all that they do to help prepare, nurture, and love these animals.” We are so grateful for the compassion of this inspirational family, and all of the community members who come together to support this work healing people, animals, and the Earth. When we work together, each bringing our own unique contributions, great things happen! 

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