Community Spotlight: Mike Slusarczyk

We’d like to take a moment to acknowledge an amazing community partner and resource, the Jackson County Animal Shelter, who frequently works with Sanctuary One to ensure that animals in Southern Oregon find their homes. In the aftermath of the Almeda and Obenchain fires, Sanctuary One farm manager Scott was able to assist both the Jackson County Sheriff’s department as well the Jackson County Animal Shelter, by helping to locate and evacuate animals. In addition to Scott and our volunteers’ hard work, Sanctuary One was also able to bring six dogs from the shelter to the care farm.

It is because of strong community connections that we are all able to thrive. When Jackson County Animal Services Officer Mike Slusarczyk responded to the fire, he quickly realized that he would need help with large animals who were in need of evacuation. He found two alpacas and a llama running loose in the roadway near Butler Rd in Ashland; realizing that the Jackson County shelter does not have all of the equipment needed for full fledged large animal rescue and disaster response, he called in Sanctuary One for assistance. Scott, in addition to a Sanctuary One volunteer, worked together with officer Mike to help safely load the animals and take them to the evacuation zone at the expo center. “What we learned from this disaster is that we need community resources like Sanctuary One to work with us” said Mike Slusarcyzk. Support from organizations like Sanctuary One is so crucial to our community’s safety and success. By working together, pooling resources and expertise, can we ensure that no animals fall through the cracks.

When we work together, we can take care of one another through hard times and we can elevate one another to a place where we all thrive. Thank you officer Mike and Jackson County Animal Shelter for being such an incredible resource for people and animals in Southern Oregon (and for being a joy to work with)! 

Interested in helping animals and people thrive? From joining the Care Family, to helping with animal care, to art and office projects, you have a role to play in this important work. 

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