Board Spotlight: Roxanne Trusty

In this spotlight we sat down with Sanctuary One board member, Roxanne Trusty. She enjoys exploring throughout the backwoods of the PNW and is happy to call the Rogue Valley her home. We talked about what has stood out to her and her work with Sanctuary One during her first 7 months of joining the board.

“My experience with Sanctuary One shows just how inclusive and supportive this organization is. As an ARPAS certified Livestock Nutritionist with experience educating our community in animal husbandry, I will proudly speak to how this organization truly cares about what is best for the lifetime of the animals at the Sanctuary. Because of this superior care for their animals I’ve seen visitors, volunteers, and staff experience a beautiful connection with the animals taken in by Sanctuary One.

However, Sanctuary One stands by their mission to help People, Animals and Earth and no matter what direction you look, you can come to a positive connection. In their gardens you see the staff and volunteers caring for the earth with the highest of respect and regard. Every effort to only take what is needed from the pastures for the animals, supplying natural habitat for pollinators, and giving the bounty of their gardens for humans in need.

Through the volunteer work, tours, and service learning, people have the opportunity to make a deeper connection to the earth and rescued animals than most will experience in their daily lives. Sanctuary One champions People, Animals and Earth in every way.” – Roxanne

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