Pawsitivity in Partnerships

The Rogue Valley community has repeatedly shown in the last month that it can come together, for both the humans impacted by the fires, but also the animals. The Jackson County Shelter, like many of the larger animal agencies in the valley, have been the recipients of animal food from donors near and far. Animal agencies are generous here in Southern Oregon and partner often with smaller groups, who all together, serve as a safety net for animals in Jackson and Josephine county.

Recently the Jackson County Animal Shelter partnered with Sanctuary One to distribute donated animal food to a myriad of animal agencies who worked, or are still working with, animals impacted by the recent fires. Kim Casey, Program Manager with Jackson County Animal Services loves that “Sanctuary One is able to be that conduit for distributing these donations in a way that we do not have the capacity to do.” Megan Flowers, Executive Director of Sanctuary One, said, “Sanctuary One’s DNA is to help our people, animal, and environmental agency partners. We are here to help and it is our honor to continue our decade long partnership with the county shelter, including working with them to help rescue farm animals during the fires, taking in dogs from the shelter during evacuation, and to now help support other agencies all working toward the same goal: to help animals in need.” Over five pallets of food will be disbursed.

Sanctuary One has been working with Petals-4-Paws Nursery and Rescue, who specialize in senior and medical cases, to reach out to the many smaller agencies who have been working steadily this past month to help animals impacted by the wildfire. Petals-4-Paws, Critical Pet Rescue, and Animal Rescue Resource Coalition (ARRC) are just a few of the agencies who will receive donations. Flowers says, “Sanctuary One is proud to partner with so many agencies in our Valley, who, through working together, make a stronger community whole.”

If you have found, or have lost, an animal during the fires be sure to check out the Jackson County Animal Shelter website where resources have been collected into one location:

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