Fine Feathered Friends

Recently, in partnership with Hen Harbor, Sanctuary One was able to take in 14 rescue chickens. At two years of age these egg laying chickens were destined for the slaughter house. Chickens in the egg laying industry are often disposed of at the age of two. They are raised in cages the size of a sheet of paper, and suffer from having been de-beaked (had the tip of their beaks seared off) when they were chicks to prevent them from injuring other hens in their cramped quarters. Factory egg farm chickens are bred specifically for one purpose alone – to produce as many eggs as possible as quickly as possible.

Because of this, and the lack of adequate care, these rescued hens will never be as robust as most backyard chickens, and they usually have shortened lifespans. However, we believe they deserve the best life possible! Working with our vet team, we are helping the chickens regain their health and many are beginning to grow back their feathers. Volunteers have noted how friendly and social the chickens are; they enjoy following staff and volunteers around the chicken coop clucking softly, talking people into sitting down with them. They’re very inquisitive! Now that we’ve been able to stabilize the hens with medical care and proper nutrition, they are ready to find their forever homes. If you’re interested in providing these ladies with the next exciting chapter of their lives, be sure to submit an adoption application.


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