Our herd just grew by two!


Hearts are aflutter here at Sanctuary One! We are in love, and we think you will be too!

We are excited to announce and welcome our newest additions, Lennon and Bowie!

Lennon (the whiter one), and Bowie (the darker one) are two boy Holstein calves rescued, in this case, from becoming veal. When calves are born to dairy cows they are typically taken away from their mother within hours of birth. Male calves are raised in small pens and are auctioned off for the meat industry.

Lennon and Bowie are by-products of the dairy industry, but to us they are treasures. They are only a couple weeks old and still being bottle fed. We really look forward to sharing more videos, photos, and stories about them, but as you can imagine we’ve been a bit busy!

Calves are expensive to rehabilitate and raise.

Please invest in Lennon and Bowie. Every bit helps! YOU make this possible!


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