Animal Spotlight: Scout

At Sanctuary One, we are honored to be a loving home for so many special animals in need for as long as they require. Some animals join us only for a brief time and others call the care farm home for many years; all of them leave a lasting legacy of hope. 



Scout loved guests

Everyone who has been on the farm in the last few years knows Scout, a beautiful pinto gelding standing over 15 hands high. Scout came to Sanctuary One in 2014 when his owner passed away, and has been a dear member of our family ever since. Scout has made a real difference for our volunteers and service-learning groups who visit the farm. From Compass House & Living Opportunities to Ruch Outdoor School and Inspire, Scout was always happy to work with visitors to heal and learn.

Scout with Maslow Project


Ever the affectionate horse, he loved receiving attention and he inspired people to laugh, relax, and feel a sense of connection and wonderment with the world around them.

Sharing a laugh


After sharing his love with us for over half a decade, we are thrilled to announce that Scout has finally found his perfect adopter! 

Scout with his new family friend


It took a long time for Scout to find the right adopter. He is over 17 years old and has special needs associated with his swayback condition, but that’s what Sanctuary One is all about; no one gets left behind and there are no expiration dates. Animals who come to the care farm rest easy knowing they always have a place to call home. He has earned a big place in all of our hearts and we are happy that he has finally found his perfect fit. Thank you for helping make Scout’s journey possible!


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