Volunteer Spotlight: Linda Lowe

Volunteers are a core part of the Sanctuary One family.  It takes a village, with each of our unique talents, to sustain the care farm. From helping in the gardens, walking the dogs, mucking, building, and even helping with administrative tasks and art projects, volunteers contribute in so many ways. We’d like to take a moment to celebrate one of our wonderful volunteers, Linda Lowe! 

Linda has been volunteering with Sanctuary One for the last 2 years, but has been working to help animals in the community for much longer. You can find her in the chicken coop, mucking stalls, but you will never find her idle. She is an organized, motivated, go getter.  Steadfast in her dedication to animals throughout the community, she also works to home and care for feral cats in Medford. Linda contributes her passion and ideas to helping with outreach because she “want(s) everyone in the Rogue Valley and beyond to know about this gem of a place and what it has to offer.”

We asked Linda what she loves about the care farm and what keeps her coming back to lend a hand: 

I wanted to work directly with rescue animals and be of service to them and the organization that provided them a home.  I tell people when I’m headed out to the farm that I’m going to see my animal friends! The staff at Sanctuary One are all great and really seem passionate about their jobs and the animals. I love that Sanctuary One is active in teaching kids about a care farm and how to grow vegetables and be at peace with the land.

The animals, and people, at the care farm are incredibly lucky to have Linda! 

We are so grateful for the diverse people who lend their time and passion to the care farm. If you are interested in volunteering with Sanctuary One,  submit a volunteer application online and join us at the next volunteer orientation. 

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