When one is healed, all are healed, because we’re all interconnected.

While a lot of people think of Sanctuary One as an animal rescue, we are actually a care farm that includes animal rescue as a piece of our work. As a care farm we’re dedicated to rescuing domestic and farm animals, facilitating health and wellness for people, and promoting environmental stewardship. At Sanctuary One, people of all ages have the opportunity to volunteer on a real working farm and experience nature’s healing power firsthand.

John is living the Sanctuary One mission! He volunteers on the farm two times a week where he works in the garden, cares for the animals, and befriends all of the staff and other volunteers he meets. John has truly become an integral part of the Sanctuary One family and we’re so happy and grateful to have him on the farm feeling connected to the earth, animals and people.

I just wanted to thank Sanctuary One for the opportunity to help out at your farm, it truly is a peaceful place that has so many kind and caring people working together to try and make this crazy world of ours a better place to live in! The animals also agree! This became so apparent to me on Friday as I approached the front gate of Sanctuary One for another day of work. Upon opening the gate to gain access, the horse’s ran across the field to greet me, followed by a pack of goats. They came to say “Good morning” and welcome!! This was truly something special, and as if that were not special enough, Princess and Kippie (farm dogs) were waiting for me at the top of the driveway, tails wagging and genuinely glad to see me! This was absolutely the best reception I have ever experienced  in my entire life! Thank you for allowing me to be part of your team and help make a difference! Keep up the great work!

– John

Thank YOU John! We love our volunteers at the farm. Are you interested in joining our farm family? We have two volunteer orientations in March: Wednesday the 14th (10-12) and Saturday the 24 (1-3). Learn more and send in your application here.

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