Work = Passion, It Can Be Found

Recently Sanctuary One had an intern who came to the farm right after graduating high school. She jumped into the work with enthusiasm and passion. Everyone at Sanctuary One wishes Gwyn the very best of luck as she starts her freshman year of college to study veterinary medicine. Thank you Gwyn and stay in touch! Here are some of Gwyn’s parting words to the farm family about her intern experience at Sanctuary One:

“I can without doubt say that it was the best summer I’ve ever had, and everyone played a major role in making that the case. Thank you for teaching me how to properly handle a variety of animals, how to compost, how to garden/transplant crops, and most of all how to love the animals.

At Sanctuary One, I felt appreciated and respected, and that is thanks to everyone. For a lot of people, a job is something they have to get over with so they can get home. It’s something they don’t want to do, but they must in order to pay their bills. However, the staff have shown me that it doesn’t have to be that way because there are jobs out there that require love and compassion and will have you looking forward to work. The way that each staff person not only looks at this as a job, but as an opportunity to help animals has inspired me.”

Gwyn inspired us too! It is wonderful to see young people not only wishing to do something good with their lives, but exciting to see the work they’re willing to put into their dream.

Internships at the farm can start as young as 18. Interested in experiencing working and living on the farm? Learn more.

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