Refill and Refresh One’s Energy at the Farm

We’re happy to share the thoughts our recent German intern, Theresa, had of her experience as an on-site intern for Sanctuary One. She was a wonderful addition to our long legacy of interns who make a positive impact on the farm!

After a long travel through South America and being far away from my home, family, and friends I started to feel lonely and restless. I was searching for a meaningful function, preferably with animals to get back to nature and back to native things. I thought that by working outside in nature with my hands would help me to find my balance again.

Thankfully I found Sanctuary One.

Everything with my application worked well and I was able to start my internship at the beginning of June. When I drove the long way out through the Applegate Valley I was already impressed by the wonderful nature. Sanctuary One farm is nestled in a magical ambiance. Idyllic and free. From the first moment, I was very friendly and openly welcomed and I felt like I was at home. I recognized that all the people who work at Sanctuary One do it with their whole heart and soul. It is not only work for them; it is a passion and you can see and feel it. Every co-worker was super friendly and appreciated everything I did.

I am very thankful for everyone (on two legs or four) that made this amazing internship possible. The work with the animals, nature and plants has helped me to find myself again.

I’ve learned a lot about taking care of animals, plants and having a care farm. It is so good to see how the staff treat the animals with love and respect and you recognized that all the animals have a really good and peaceful life out at the sanctuary.

Today in our hectic world, it is so important that we have an anchor to refill and refresh our energy. With Sanctuary One I have found an anchor and I really hope that in the month that I worked there that I was able to give something back as well. I’m so thankful that I was able to collect all these experiences and that I was able to be a part of the Sanctuary family. I will always carry this experience in my heart and I will look back joyfully and full of peace.

Many people are speaking with animals, but only a few listen to them! Thank you so much Sanctuary One, that animals find a place at your farm where people listen to them.

Thank you Theresa for all that you’ve done to help Sanctuary One! You can join our intern legacy too. Learn more and apply to be a farm intern!

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