Ellie, Sanctuary One adoption alum, visiting US Cellular business office

Ellie, Sanctuary One adoption alum, visiting Paddington Station

Sanctuary One is offering a new service to help our local Jackson and Josephine county businesses during this stressful time. Our newest young ambassadors, Ned, Lucky, and Dusty, the three amigoats, can come visit your office! Everyone’s heard of bring your dog to work day, but what about a goat visit? We are happy to work with you to discuss specifics of your business/office building and what will work best for your team and our young ambassadors. You can find out more by emailing info@sanctuaryone.org. This is all part of our care farm model where we believe that when people can connect to animals and the earth, good things can happen. People, Animals & the Earth: Better Together.

Ned, Dusty, and Lucky

You can check out Ned, Dusty, and Lucky from their first month or so on the farm as they practiced taking walks around the farm.

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